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So much more than just a fresh juice

Discover the powerful taste and benefits of Paulie's Ginger. Made from 100% organic ingredients, without added sugars or artificial components. Boost your immunity every day with our fresh juices!

Fresh juices

Our fresh juices are freshly squeezed every day. We exclusively use 100% organically certified ingredients.

Vitamin Booster

With our unique cold-press technique, we extract not only the delicious taste but also maximize the nutrients from our ingredients.

Immune System

Our main ingredients, ginger, turmeric, and lemon, boost the immune system and leave you feeling more energetic.

Unsweetened MAX

In addition to our selection of juices sweetened with agave syrup, we also offer two special MAX variants. These variants are completely sugar-free and fit perfectly into a sugar-free diet..

Sweetened with Agave Syrup

Our Original and Turmeric variants contain natural agave syrup as a sweetener. Due to its low glycemic index (GI 24), the impact on your blood sugar is much lower compared to regular sugar (GI 65).


We understand that you can't wait to enjoy our fresh juices. That's why we ensure that your order is shipped quickly and carefully.