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Dear Ginger fans,

This time we want to tell you a nice story about the lemon. We use organic lemons in all our ginger drinks. The great thing about lemon is that it is a natural preservative and this makes our ginger drink last longer.

Where in May 2021 we still pressed our lemons manually with a Braun citrus press of 19.95 (at ), we are now equipped with a professional citrus press 17 months later. In this period we literally let 27 tons of lemons (300,000 pieces) pass through our hands. And no lemon is the same. During the 4 seasons, the shape, color and scent of our lemons change. From small to large, from green to yellow. At the moment we are dealing with small greenish yellow lemons, similar to the size and color of a lime.

Facts about The lemon:
(Unfortunately, the following has not yet been formally (European) proven, but the following benefits have emerged:
The lemon is good for:
  • digestion
  • increases your resistance
  • helps against a bloated stomach
  • lowers blood pressure
  • has a detoxifying effect
  • positive effect on your skin
So that makes drinking Paulie's Ginger even better, now that we know all this... Enjoy.
Love Paul, Yvonne and Eric
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