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  • Posted by Yvonne Kok
Uitgelicht fijnproever Eric - Paulies Ginger

Hello dear ginger fans,

The Paulies dream team consists of three people, Paul, Yvonne and Eric. As you probably know, our ginger drink was originally created by Yvonne 's search for the perfect non-alcoholic drink. After her overcoming alcohol addiction, her husband Paul was blending and juicing and that's how the raw version of Paulie's Ginger was born. Who you don't know much about is number 3 of the Paulies dream team is Eric, the gourmet and flavor developer of Paulies Ginger

Hi Eric , tell me;

Hello, nice that I can tell something about myself and first of all I want to say that I am super happy to be part of the dream team Paulies. I think it's special that I can now turn my passion into my job. As a child I was already a lot involved with nature and preparing food. Preparing home-caught fish (smoking, frying in the pan or in the oven) was purely based on taste and feeling, and now I can continue this passion in the kitchen at Paulies, which is great.

How did you end up with Paulies Ginger?

After a call from my brother-in-law Paul about some (still sounded very vague at the time, hahaha) ginger drink that he wanted to refine, we started experimenting with different ingredients in his home in the kitchen. Yvonne is my sister by the way, maybe you didn't know that yet and Paul is my brother-in-law. After a lot of tasting and trying a huge amount of different herbs and spices and mixing them with the ginger juice, we have come to the final recipes. All three of us really wanted to create something special and went to great lengths to make the taste as refined as possible.

What exactly do you do at Paulies Ginger?

I am mainly the manager in the kitchen of Paulies Ginger. I buy the best ingredients. For example, the lemons are different every time due to the changing seasons. I am also always looking for the highest quality for ginger, turmeric, herbs and spices. We prepare our product and all recipes in a way that is unique in the Netherlands. In addition, it is important to properly pursue the requirements of the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), which includes very accurate registration, planning and control.


What do you like most about Paulies?

I think the best part about Paulies Ginger is that people enjoy the taste of our ginger drink, which is made with such passion. They often react so enthusiastically to the taste of our drink, this is great.


What is the difference between now and 1.5 years ago when you started Paulies Ginger?

It is very special how we have grown into a healthy company in 1.5 years. We started with the purchase of a box of ginger of 12.5 kilos and a box of lemons, a few months later we made 50 bottles of ginger juice per month, we thought this was quite a lot. At the moment we use thousands of kilos of ginger, lemon and turmeric and there are more and more. I think such progress in 1.5 years is fantastic, we are very proud of that.