Drinking shots for a fresh start to the day, that sounds delicious, doesn't it? It completely fits this time. A time of more conscious living, drinking less (or no) alcohol. Paulie's Ginger helps you on your way and also offers great tips for alcohol-free cocktails. The ginger shot of Paulie's Ginger is a fantastic foundation for the perfect Mocktail.

ginger shots

Ginger shots, what kind of shots?

Ginger shots are therefore hot, but we understand that not everyone knows what it is and how good it tastes. Paulie's Ginger has started making the perfect ginger shots. The ginger drink was created after a process of searching for the perfect combination of products, mixing and slow juicing. The perfect shot consists of ginger, lemon, herbs and spices (and depending on the taste also with turmeric). A shot has never given such a responsible feeling as this one, made from ginger.

Buy those ginger shots!

Ginger shots make you feel good because of the perfectly combined ingredients and ask to be drunk often. You don't see yourself taking a ginger shot on the street with a bottle and a small glass in your bag, of course. Fortunately, you can buy ginger shots of Paulie's Ginger at many locations in the Netherlands, so leave your own bottle at home and give yourself the luxury of buying a shot 'to go'. Available at 71 points in the Netherlands, so there's bound to be a point near you. Check the site where your 'to go' ginger shot is for sale.


The best turmeric and ginger shots

Fortunately, the ginger shots from Paulies Ginger can also be ordered in the webshop. That way you'll never be without! On the Paulies Ginger site you can choose from different types of ginger drink:

  • Original raw or normal. Raw contains no agave. These bottles are available in different sizes.
  • Ginger drink with an extra touch of turmeric. Slightly different and available in Raw in 2 sizes.

Paulies Ginger understands that you want to try both flavors for the perfect ginger shot. A sample pack with both flavors offers the solution here. Don't choose, enjoy! After experiencing it yourself, you want to share this with those around you. Give a gift box with the different flavors and before you know it the fun weekends for friends will consist of good food with ginger shots. Did you know that you can also make delicious marinades with it?

And as said, Paulies Ginger is a perfect base for preparing non-alcoholic cocktails. Look for inspiration on our site and the ginger drink is indispensable in your pantry!